Understand How a Protective Order Works in Fairfax, Virginia

If someone poses a threat to your safety, you may get tangible protection through legal means. A protective order Fairfax protects you if someone wants to harm you. Here’s more information about the process to ensure there are no delays that can affect your entitlement to the order.

Who Can Get a Protective Order?

In the past, the laws in Virginia only allowed a protection order against a family member or someone living in your house. The Virginia Protective Order Law was amended in 2011 to broaden this requirement.

Now, you can petition the court to grant protection against any person that threatens your safety. The order is usually granted once you demonstrate a need for having it.

Proving a Protective Order is Necessary

Proving your justification for getting a Protective Order relies on two facts. First, you must show that the person committed abuse. The term abuse is defined … Read the rest