Divorce is one of the most talked about legal programs, yet it is one of the least understood. Though most people believe they understand the legal ramifications and rules associated with divorce proceedings, they may not. The way property is divided, spousal support works, and visitation is handled by the legal system can be counter-intuitive. What you expect to be fair may be just the opposite. To help you become more informed about divorce, here are three things you probably didn’t know about the way it all works.

Divorce Laws Can Be Confusing

There is only one set of laws in your state regarding how a divorce should proceed. That means the very rich and the very poor must follow the same rules, file the same paperwork, and attend the same appearances. It also means you must follow the laws and rules, whether you believe you have an exemption or not. While divorce laws are confusing, they must be obeyed, or legal ramifications can result. That is why it is best to keep in touch with your divorce lawyer in Lake Forest, IL. If you don’t know what to do, seek his or her advice.

A Stranger May Decide Your Fate

When you go to court, the stranger in the black robe can decide the terms of your divorce. Someone you have never met will divvy up your property and tell you which spouse has custody of your children. To avoid the total lack of control during a court appearance, seek mediation. During the mediation process, your lawyer can negotiate your settlement with your wishes in mind.

Conflict Doesn’t End With Divorce

If you have children, you will still make decisions with your ex-spouse about how they should be raised. This can naturally lead to conflict over money, time, and schooling. Also, if you battled during your divorce, you can be sure the battle may continue for months or years following the divorce decree.

Understanding how divorce works can help you get through the process a lot easier. It can also help you know what to expect.