A wrongful accusation of a crime you did not commit is certainly mentally and emotionally traumatic, especially when a high price had to be paid for your bail bond. What happens if you are proven to be innocent? Can you receive the bail money back? Would you be allowed a refund? The answer to this, in short, is—it depends.

Can My Bail Money be Returned?

When you pay the whole bail bond amount in a cash form to the court, the money can be given back to you if the defendant goes to every required court date. When a defendant does not appear in court, the amount is forfeited and won’t be given back.

Your other choice is to utilize a Luzerne County bail bonds agent. This would mean that you would just need to pay a 10-15% premium of the original bail amount and the bondsman would post the bond for you. Whether the defendant is sentenced as guilty or innocent would not affect the amount returned. This premium serves as a charge for the services provided by the bail agent in directing the defendant and ensuring he or she appears at every required court date.

When Can the Refund be Received?

Keep in mind that you should mark and track every date needed for you to appear in court. Knowing when a certain case is concluded is going to serve to help you in understanding when your bail money will be returned.

This assumes that you directly paid the court. The time it takes for a refund to be issued and received is several weeks to months, so it is critical to get in touch with your local finance department for more information.

Use a Qualified, Professional Bail Bonds Agent

In the unlucky event that you or a loved one is found in jail, give a bail bonds agent a call for quick and reliable bail bond solutions. These professionals are prepared to serve you with your best interests in mind.