Oregon has laws in place that are intended to protect workers who are injured on the job, but this involves filing a claim for damages. As most people know, insurance companies are reluctant to pay out and they look for ways to minimize what they have to pay on any claim. They may even try to deny the claim altogether. This is as true for a worker’s compensation claim as it is for an auto accident claim.

The insurance companies have rules in place that make it more difficult to navigate the claim process. Additionally, your employer fears that a payout will result in higher monthly premiums for them, so they will assist the insurance company. This leaves you struggling alone to file a claim for workmans comp Oregon unless you hire a lawyer to help you.

There are a few ways that worker’s compensation lawyer can help you with your claim. First, a legal advocate will protect your rights and ensure the insurance company isn’t trying to unjustly deny your claim. Your lawyer can also negotiate to ensure you receive a fair settlement once your claim has been approved. This may help you get a larger settlement than you would receive if you tried to handle the case on your own.

Many claims are denied, because the injured worker fails to submit documents and paperwork on time. If you miss a deadline or submit incomplete paperwork, your claim may be denied on those grounds. A lawyer experienced in handling worker’s compensation claims will ensure you meet those deadlines. He may also make sure your paperwork has been completed correctly, so you can avoid a denial.

Often, injured workers have to hire an attorney to help them appeal a worker’s comp denial. By hiring a lawyer to handle your case from the beginning, you reduce the risks of a denial. If your case is denied, you will have an attorney who is already familiar with your case and can handle the appeal more efficiently. This will shorten the process and help you get your compensation a little sooner.