If someone poses a threat to your safety, you may get tangible protection through legal means. A protective order Fairfax protects you if someone wants to harm you. Here’s more information about the process to ensure there are no delays that can affect your entitlement to the order.

Who Can Get a Protective Order?

In the past, the laws in Virginia only allowed a protection order against a family member or someone living in your house. The Virginia Protective Order Law was amended in 2011 to broaden this requirement.

Now, you can petition the court to grant protection against any person that threatens your safety. The order is usually granted once you demonstrate a need for having it.

Proving a Protective Order is Necessary

Proving your justification for getting a Protective Order relies on two facts. First, you must show that the person committed abuse. The term abuse is defined as “an act of violence, force or threat” that causes injury to your body. It can also mean that you reasonably fear for your life, bodily injury or sexual assault.

The second fact of proof is that you need the Order to protect yourself and/or other family or household members.

Protections Granted Under the Order

Approval of the Order grants you different forms of relief based on your situation. The court can literally order certain things such as:

  • No more acts of abuse by the accused person against you. This no-brainer commands that the accused person stop further acts of abuse.
  • No physical, text, email or phone contact. This limits contact the person can have with you and/or family members. This order also includes using a third party to contact you indirectly.

The court may, however, allow certain types of contact. If you and the accused have a child together, prohibiting all contact is not doable.

Unfortunately, not all relationships end peaceably. Some play out in an explosive manner that requires legal intervention. Where violence or threats of violence against you occurs, the court can help you protect yourself and the people you love with a protective order Fairfax. Know your rights to get the timely help you need.