Roles of a Family Lawyer in Adelaide

Roles of a Family Lawyer in Adelaide

Many reasons lead a married couple to divorce, but there is a need to put this sentiment in mind during the divorce process, that, divorce is not easy on either party. Divorce creates an emotional and a physical impact on children involved since they will have to part with one parent of which they were not used to stay. However, family lawyer will aid and guide the parent on supportive parenting strategies that will help kids adjust to the changes brought by divorce.

According to statistics done recently, divorce cases are increasing compared to the last few decades. All though money tends to be the root of most marital cases, it is the major factor leading to broken marriages whereas you can be the organized one paying all bills while your spouse doesn’t care about any budget or bills. The situation could lead to often argument that may result in unhappy marriage followed by divorce. Hiring a well experienced and dedicated family lawyer should be your first step for he will protect your interests towards divorce according to any family law adelaide.

Although the court prefers parent coming into agreement on whom to stay with kids, there is some situation whereby some parents will never agree on co-parenting due to domestic violence or child abuse. Since child custody decision following divorce is not as easy as it might look, it is recommended you retain a well experienced and qualified family lawyer to assist you in proving to the court that you are the best suited to receive custody to your children.

Child support is mandatory for both parents. Either working or not, both parents have to contribute toward their children upkeep such as school, insurance cover, among others. Being a physical custodian to the children, one might face challenges such as your ex-husband failing to meet the demands by making less payment or zero payments. It is a sad truth experience that majority of ex-husbands do not honor financial terms of their divorce, leaving a burden to the custodian of the kids.

Properties acquired during the marriage should be a divide among couples although it’s a difficult process, especially if there were assets such as houses, closely-held business, among others. These assets should be divided accordingly provided that they were not separate property such as property owned before marriage. Regarding this, discrimination of property may take place if one of the divorcees lacks a family lawyer to stand on his behalf.

In case there was any debt incurred during the time of marriage, they are divided equally between the divorcing individuals. This happens even if the name on the debts reads only one name of the spouse provided that the business was beneficial to the family. Since it’s not easy to get your ex-husband to make the payments, its good to involve a skilled family lawyer who will stand on your behalf and warn your ex-husband the consequences of failing to meet his children demands. In conclusion, hiring a trustworthy, skillful and a good experience family lawyer will save you your precious time since he will apply all his knowledge in any family issue arising no matter how crucial the case might look.

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