One of the most common causes of car accidents is distracted driving. Most people already know this, but you will still find people driving while distracted on public roads around the world. Every licensed driver needs to understand that there are many forms of distractions that can compromise a driver’s ability to drive the vehicle safely. With this knowledge, drivers can avoid these distractions and improve safety on the road. The following are the 3 categories of distractions according to the CDC:

Cognitive distractions: This is anything you think about while driving other than the primary task of driving, such as daydreaming.

Manual distractions: This is anything that takes your hands off the steering wheel while driving, like tuning the radio, using the navigation system texting, or receiving a call.

Visual distractions: These distractions take your eyes off the road, like replying to a text message on your phone.

There are many other things that may distract a driver. Below is a list of the top 10 types of distracted driving that cause accidents:

1. Texting

This is the most common form of distracted driving. It is also one of the most dangerous because it distracts the driver visually, cognitively, and manually. After all, the driver has to think about what to type, then use their hands to type the message as they look at their phone. To avoid this distraction, turn on your phone on flight mode or turn it off until you reach your destination.

2. Using Vehicle Controls

Modern vehicles have become almost like the cockpit of airplanes due to numerous controls. There are buttons and dials for the air conditioning, navigation system, radio, and many others. Operating vehicle controls are known to be a common cause of accidents around the world due to the distraction they create.

3. Eating or Drinking

While you may want to grab a bite on the go during a busy day, eating or drinking while driving your vehicle is a serious distraction. If you have to eat in your vehicle, do it in a safe place, such as a parking lot, before getting back on the road.

4. Making or receiving a Call

As noted earlier, phones create a big distraction for drivers, so they should be switched off. If you receive a call while driving, you will be putting not only yourself but also other drivers in grave danger.

5. Talking to Passengers

Most people are used to talking while driving and think this is alright, but it’s not. If you have a serious conversation inside the vehicle, you may be cognitively distracted from the primary task of driving.

6. Smoking

Smoking and vaping are also distractions, as they require the driver to use one hand to hold the cigarette. Lighting the cigarette, on the other hand, requires both hands, so smoking is a classic example of manual distractions.

7. Personal Grooming

If you leave the house for work in a hurry because you’re getting late, you may be tempted to tie your tie while driving, brush your hair or brush your teeth inside the car. However, these are all types of distractions that can endanger your life. All grooming inside the vehicle should be done when the vehicle is stationary.

8. Reaching for Objects

When driving, you should not reach for any object inside the vehicle. This could be your phone, your child’s toy, or a water bottle you dropped. This is because you will be distracted from the primary task of driving.

9. Reading

Reading anything while driving is a manual, cognitive and visual distraction, so it is incredibly dangerous. If you have to read, pull over to a safe place first.

10. Roadway Distraction

Billboard advertising and beautiful buildings are examples of roadway distractions that can take your eyes and mind off the road and make driving on public roads dangerous.

In case you’re involved in an auto accident, focus on getting well first before you take legal action to seek compensation for your injuries and damages.

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About the Author: Bill K. Pasko

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