5 Situations When You Need a Lawyer by Your Side

5 Situations When You Need a Lawyer by Your Side

Many people don’t realize the importance of a lawyer until they need one. You may be faced with a legal situation, like a one-time traffic ticket, where you can solve it without any problems. However, there are other times when you are faced with severe cases that may cost you a lot of money and time and risk jail time. In such cases, having the best legal representative to help you win the case or avoid jail time and fines is crucial. Here are examples of situations when you need an attorney by your side.

1. DUI Charges

You need to know that DUI charges have serious consequences. First, you will deal with the court as a criminal; second, you will lose your license and have to deal with the DMV. You can get jail time or a fine if it is your first time. However, if it is not, there are more severe consequences. Therefore, the best way to handle a DUI charge is by working with the best DUI lawyer. DUI lawyers help people in court and defend them to have the charges withdrawn or have a lesser sentence. The lawyers can also help you avoid the suspension of your license. So, immediately after you have been arrested, don’t hesitate to call your DUI lawyer.

2. Car Accident

Another time that you need a lawyer is when you have been involved in a car accident. Whether it was your fault or not, never attempt to proceed with the case without the lawyer’s representation. The attorney will evaluate the case and look into all factors to ensure you are compensated. They will help you handle the paperwork, gather evidence, and talk to the witnesses and the insurance adjuster.

3. Complex Divorce

Some divorces are complex, especially when children and properties are involved. Therefore, the people separating may need a neutral person to help them divide the wealth and decide the fate of the children. One may also need a lawyer if the case goes to court. Therefore, if you and your spouse cannot agree on splitting the properties and financial assets, it would be best to have a lawyer. The expert will help avoid making the case more complicated.

4. Worker’s Compensation Claim

Often people are denied their worker’s compensation claim, leading to more people giving up. However, that should not always be the case. If you think you are eligible for compensation after being hurt at work, getting a lawyer to take you through the claim will be a good idea. Don’t even worry about paying the upfront. The lawyer will get their pay from the settlement you get.

5. Criminal Charges

There is a notion that only guilty people need a lawyer to represent them in court. There is no truth behind this belief. An intelligent person with nothing to hide and who wants to get rid of the criminal charges against them looks for the right help. Whether guilty or not, you need a criminal lawyer to defend you when faced with criminal charges. Apart from defending you, the lawyer will ensure your rights have been protected, and your case is handled with all the confidentiality you need.


These are five situations with serious consequences and need a person who understands the law well. Make sure you call your lawyer if you are caught up in any of them.

About the Author: Bill K. Pasko

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