5 Ways How a Family Attorney Can Help You

Many people think they could save a lot of money by filing the divorce case themselves. If they hire a family law attorney, things could turn out even better for them. The benefits far outweigh the cost which makes it worthwhile to hire a divorce attorney. The following are 5 ways on how a family law attorney can help you.

5 Ways How a Family Attorney Can Help You

Explain Different Grounds for Divorce

The Amarillo TX family law attorney can explain the different grounds for divorce used in petitioning the court. Grounds for divorce can be fault-based or no fault-based. Irreconcilable differences are the most common no-fault ground for divorce. The attorney can explain the requirement for meeting no-fault divorce for example, how long couple needs to stay together in the state to file for a divorce. Some of the common grounds used for a fault divorce are adultery, cruelty, and abandonment. The attorney can explain whether you can get any benefit when you petition for a divorce on a fault ground. He can determine how much spousal support you can expect to receive when you use a fault ground for divorce.

Offer Objective Advice

The family law attorney can offer objective advice when you are experiencing emotional turmoil from a divorce. When you are having stress, you may make irrational decisions based on your emotions. The attorney can provide objective advice so that you can reconsider the decision you have made. The lawyer can steer you in a clear direction by persuading you about the inform you about the available options. He can act as a mediator in between you and your spouse, for example, he can provide objective advice to him so that he changes his mind and you can get more benefits from the divorce.

Assist in Dividing the Marital Assets Fairly

The family law attorney can ensure that you receive a fair portion of the marital assets in a divorce. Some spouses are not that honest and they would not tell the other half about the money that they are earning from another source. The lawyer has tools to perform investigation and find out if the spouse has money in another bank account or properties in other locations that you aren’t aware of.

Reduce Your Stress

Hiring a family law attorney can reduce your stress. There is a lot of paperwork you need to submit to file for a divorce. You may get confused about which form to fill and what paperwork to submit. Additionally, there is a limited deadline you must meet for your divorce filing to be accepted. Instead of filing the divorce yourself, you can hire a family law attorney and let him help you.

Assist in Developing a Parenting Plan

Family law attorney can help you to develop a parenting plan that meets your children’s needs. The attorney knows what details need to be included in the parenting plan. He can include details like holiday schedules, transportations and communications in the parenting plan. He can also include details in what if’s situations in the plan.

The plan he creates will ensure that you have smooth parenting until your child becomes 18 years old. It will prevent you from having to go to the court and adjust your plan every year. Having an attorney drafting your parenting plan is better than having to go to the court all the time to create the parenting plan. The court will not give you provisions include all the details you want to include. However, if a lawyer draft the plan, you can include these details.

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