Is a Public Defender Enough? 3 Reasons To Consider a Private Attorney

Is a Public Defender Enough? 3 Reasons To Consider a Private Attorney

When you’re under arrest, you don’t have time to hope that you get a reasonable attorney. You need one pronto. The law mandates that you may receive a public defender if you can’t afford an attorney on your own; however, there could be some drawbacks to heading down this road. Yes, you may save money, and public defenders do know the law; however, they are bogged down with excess work, leaving little time for you. The following are three reasons it is probably best to reach out to private practice.

1. Private Lawyers Have Many Connections

Private law firms have a vested interest in keeping you safe, calm and happy. They are also well connected to other legal agencies in the community. While a public defender may be okay with you sitting in jail a bit, the private lawyer is likely to fight quickly for your release. Private attorneys often know reputable companies specializing in bail bonds Berks County PA, and the office can walk you through the steps to securing your freedom. During this dire time, it’s good to have people by your side who know others and can get things handled.

2. Private Lawyers Have Lower Case Loads

Public defenders don’t have a choice in what cases they take. Their workloads add up quickly, and the office may be pretty small. That means you become one of many to care for, limiting their resources, time and energy. Private attorneys choose their cases, and they make them a priority. Because they aren’t juggling tons of clients at one time, they may devote additional time to developing and researching your case.

3. Private Lawyers Specialize in Particular Fields

Did officers find drugs in your vehicle? Have you been charged with assault? Maybe you happened to have a drink and then drive your car? These are vastly different circumstances. Public defenders do it all, but that’s a lot of law to manage. They may not have the ability to understand the nuances within the regulations, finding ways to help you reduce or eliminate charges.

Private lawyers, however, often focus on specific areas. You can choose one with a solid record in your charge. This selection may give you some reassurance that you’re more likely to have a positive outcome.

Don’t sit around and hope for a good verdict. Pick someone who can help you get it. Public defenders work hard, but they are limited. Private attorneys could offer additional support.

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