Why Custom Handguns Are the Best

Why Custom Handguns Are the Best

If you’ve ever wondered why custom handguns are the best, there are many reasons. Modern magazines, ease of use, and low-profile concealability are just a few reasons. Read on to learn more about the benefits of custom handguns. Let’s dive in! And don’t forget to look at some of the pros and cons of these weapons. You’ll be glad you did after reading this article.

Modern Magazines

Unlike the 1911 magazine, which has rolled over sides, modern magazines have an aggressive taper. They are also easier to load. Ruger has designed its magazines with a special coating that prevents corrosion and makes them slick even when dirty. In addition, they feature a polymer base pad that wraps around the magazine for added grip. The magazine is available in stainless steel or nitride finishes and can be purchased in bulk packs of five.

There are two different types of magazines: single-stack and double-stack. Single-stack magazines align cartridges in a vertical row, with the magazine’s width equal to the cartridge’s width. This type of magazine is used in the Colt 1911. Single-stack magazines have one feed lip, while double-stack magazines feature two. Single-stack magazines are typically used with a single-stack handgun, while double-stack magazines are designed to stack cartridges in a staggered stack.

Easy to Find

Buying a custom handgun is a great way to increase the pride of ownership of a firearm. The benefits of custom guns are numerous. Some people choose a dull, battle-worn look, while others prefer bright, shiny plating. Ultimately, the finish does not affect the function of the handgun; it will only wear out with time. For service pistols, it’s best to purchase a gun with a night-vision sight for nighttime use.

Low-Profile Concealability

Low-profile concealability is critical to any concealed carry gun. While plenty of models are on the market, none is as low-profile as a custom handgun. This is because custom firearms can be designed to accommodate the user’s preference for controls, grip, and sights. Many manufacturers offer guns with a low-profile design to allow for easier concealed carry. The grip is also curved, providing maximum benefit to the shooter. It was also comfortable to hold and shoot.


Whether you want the highest accuracy in a handgun is a personal choice. While many guns can shoot at the same accuracy level, accuracy can vary by individual. This is because the quality of the handgun itself can make a difference. The MIM extractor, for example, does not contribute to accuracy and cannot improve reliability. The only way to improve accuracy is to have a properly fitted barrel. Custom fitting involves individually working the barrel and hood.

The handgun market has come a long way in the past four decades, and you can find high-quality handguns in just about any price range. Most firearms on our list fall between $400 and $700. There are quality handguns from major manufacturers, but accuracy is more important for hunters when comparing guns to rifles. While most hunting firearms are not designed for extreme precision, a custom-built handgun will give you the highest level of accuracy possible.


The cost of custom handguns varies widely. A pistol can cost around $50, while a custom rifle could cost $20 million. Prices are largely dependent on the size of the weapon and the design. One gunsmith can make thousands of handguns in a year. It will depend on the materials used for the handgun and the level of customization.

First, consider your budget. The majority of handguns are mass-produced and cost upwards of $7,500. They may be cheaper, but they will also have more problems. Additionally, custom guns will typically have long waiting times. Finally, some handguns are so expensive that they require custom gunsmithing services. If you’re looking for a pistol that’s more affordable but still has a lot of bells and whistles, consider buying a mass-produced handgun.

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