Federal Criminal Lawyer – Why You Need an Experienced Federal Criminal Lawyer

Federal Criminal Lawyer – Why You Need an Experienced Federal Criminal Lawyer

If you are facing Federal criminal charges, or are the subject of a Federal investigation, you need to hire an experienced Federal Criminal Lawyer right away. Criminal cases heard in Federal Court are completely different than State level cases.

A skilled attorney can spot weaknesses in a prosecutor’s case and create a robust defense strategy. This is essential because the consequences of a Federal conviction are extremely severe.

Complex Cases

When you face charges at the federal level, things are very different than when you are accused of a state-level crime. The processes and procedures that take place in federal court are much more complicated, requiring an attorney with extensive knowledge.

Additionally, the prosecution is far more powerful at the federal level, with investigators from several agencies and budgets that are many times larger than state-level prosecutors. It takes a very skilled federal criminal lawyer to go head-to-head against a seasoned prosecutor and defend you.

Nick has experience handling a wide variety of federal crimes in NYC, including healthcare fraud, white collar crime, money laundering and bank fraud, and more. He has a proven track record of getting cases dismissed and defending his clients from liability when facing federal charges. He is also a tenacious negotiator and will do everything possible to get you the best value in your case. This may include a reduction in your sentence or even having the case completely dismissed.

Cooperation With the Federal Government

Federal cases often involve a grand jury and can expose defendants to lengthy prison sentences. Choosing a lawyer who has extensive experience with Federal crimes may help to lower the risks associated with these kinds of cases.

A skilled criminal defense attorney who has experience with Federal crimes can help to negotiate a plea agreement, file and argue motions in court, and assist clients with preparing for trial. They also have knowledge of the unique and complex procedures and processes of Federal courts.

A good Federal defense lawyer will provide guidance on navigating district-specific cooperation protocols and inform clients about available incentives for cooperating with authorities. For example, a client who provides substantial assistance to prosecutors could receive a reduction in their mandatory minimum sentence. This is known as safety valve credit, and it can be an excellent option for some individuals facing harsh legal penalties. It may also allow them to avoid lengthy custody time altogether.

Preparing for Trial

Federal criminal cases involve far more complex statutes and rules of evidence than state crimes. They require an attorney that is well-versed in federal law and experienced with defending clients against federal charges.

Preparing for trial when representing a client is a massive undertaking, and it begins long before the client’s trial date. Attorneys and their teams must survey evidence, prepare witness outlines and briefs that anticipate substantive arguments from the opposing counsel, and create a comprehensive case theory.

They must also scour the prosecution’s storyline to find its weak points and have counterarguments ready. Then they must prepare jury instructions, a list of exhibits to be presented, and a trial binder. This work requires time, and most defense attorneys bill their clients by the hour. However, some may offer a flat fee to handle certain cases. It is important to ask about this before hiring a defense lawyer for your case. A reputable firm will be transparent about their fees.

Defending Against a Grand Jury

Whether the federal government has started an investigation by serving you with a grand jury subpoena for testimony or records, or you have already been indicted for a federal crime, it is critical to retain legal counsel immediately. A seasoned New York criminal attorney that is experienced in federal court will have the tools to prevent the prosecution from getting the evidence it needs to win your case at trial.

Nick has successfully guided countless clients through the grand jury process. He understands the delicate balance between negotiating with prosecutors and preserving evidence, and he knows how to get around common lawyer mistakes that can result in undesirable consequences.

RSCM’s Federal lawyers are well versed in all aspects of Federal criminal investigations, grand jury proceedings, negotiations, and jury trials including cases involving fraud (including Embezzlement, Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, Securities Fraud, Mortgage Fraud, Bank Fraud, Money Laundering, Computer Crimes, Identity Theft and other White Collar crimes) and related civil and administrative proceedings before federal courts, the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York and other federal agencies and commissions.

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