Jury Duty in Reference to the Law

It is necessary to compile a jury to deliberate over the accused crimes of another person.  This is why a jury selection los angeles ca process is a very delicate process. It is important to select a group of peoples to listen and weigh evidence very carefully before judging.  The jurors are chosen from the community using a reasonably random method.  These lists are compiled from voter registrations and driver’s license or ID renewals.  

Often there is mistrust when it comes to equal chances of being proven innocent.  In the concept of fair trials money, race, or biased jurors is not utilized. However, this is not always the case.  There is another process that is finding its way into the court system, rather than the reasonably random method that has always been utilized.  When looking at cases that have been reversed due to wrongful conviction there is an alarming trend. There has not always been justice within the justice system, so the mistrust is easily understood.  As these new selection processes arise, justice may suffer further.

There are convictions being overturned in California of all white juries deliberating over minorities and wrongfully sentencing them for crimes they did not commit.  Jury selection is a process that must be monitored closely to ensure the law is upheld to the highest standard for all who are accused of some form of misconduct.  There is a necessity for the juror to listen to all of the evidence presented to them, and methodically consider every inch of the case before casting their vote on another person’s life.

There is no room for error or irrational reasonings in regards to selecting a jury.  There must always be members of the community that differ in reasoning to deliberate over one case.  It is not right for a judge, nor counsel, to pick a juror based off of what they are more likely to choose. This leans towards an unethical jury selection and can become detrimental in regards to a process that is meant to be fair and speedy for the accused.

It is pertinent to uphold the system of juror selection by allowing trial judges to question jurors when there is a hint of racial bias or interference when a potential juror has been excluded.  Our system cannot allow for unjust trials to continue based off of monetary gain, prejudice, lawyer persuasion, or threat. In a district as large as Los Angeles, it is necessary to maintain a non-corrupt jury that will deliberate over the cases of the innocent until proven guilty.  This is a constitutional right of every citizen of the United States. We must ensure our system does not fall to ruin through corruption and misuse of power. The main way to ensure the validity of a system meant to protect the innocent and penalize the guilty starts with the initial action of picking a jury based off of fair reasoning, not winning stats of a lawyer.  It is a necessity to ensure the public that innocence will not be bought and injustice will not be allowed.

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