Some Immigration Bond Basics

Immigration to a new country is a long and convoluted process that sometimes ends up in legal action such as arrests and court dates. If you or a loved one is arrested by immigration enforcement, you will likely need an immigration bond to get out of detainment until your court date.

What Are Immigration Bonds?

Immigration bonds are set by immigration enforcement agencies as a way to get someone out of detainment until their court date. It is a sum of money used to ensure that the detained person is more likely to come court at the specified time and is similar to the function of bail in a criminal court. You can find immigration bond stroudsburg pa companies to help you come up with the amount of the bond, making you the obligor.

How Do You Get One?

Once you find out that a friend or loved one is being held by immigration enforcement, you can contact the agency to find out the amount of the bond. Not everyone is eligible for a bond, but everyone is entitled to a bond hearing. You can find out if there is a bond, if there is a hearing scheduled or if bond has been denied.

How Do You Get Your Money Back?

The conclusion of an immigration process is the only way to get the money back you have put up for bond. This can either mean that the immigrant was granted citizenship or was deported. Either way, the obligor is entitled to the amount of the bond back as well as interest on it as set by the Federal Reserve.

Navigating the immigration process is a lot easier with the help of a lawyer and an immigration bond company. This can help you get a friend or loved one out of detention while waiting for a court date.

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