What are the Different Types of Crimes?

An action committed without the intention to cause harm someone else is not a termed as a crime. The action could be out of ignorance, insanity state or as self- defense. Nonetheless, it has to be proven that the defendant did not intend to offend the plaintiff. The burden of prove lies with the state. Thus, a criminal defense law Flagstaff AZ allows law offenders to legally seek justice through the help of defense lawyers.

Atrocity against property can either be destroyed property or stolen property. Destroyed property is termed as arson or vandalism while a stolen property is embezzlement or robbery. The statutory offense is the one which is prohibited by the rule of law. Financial offense is fraud or deception for financial gain. Thus, offender ought to have a defense attorney.

Atrocities are often identified according to their level of seriousness. A felony is a very serious misconduct for instance; murder. A misdemeanor, on the other hand, is less serious and include; driving under influence, shoplifting. Thus, crimes are categorized as per their level of seriousness.

Why People Commit Crimes?

To begin with, people commit felony due to social reasons. Social motives include; poor parenting skills, peer group influence, drug abuse, and education failure. When an individual is exposed to one or two of these motives, the chances of him perpetrating a crime are too high. Hence, social factors pony up lawlessness.

Poor parenting skills are the major social factors in crimes. Nowadays, parents have neglected their sole mandate of parenting. They have indulged themselves in busy 24/7 work schedules. They are either late at work or better still working at home instead of attending to their children. Thus social factor subsidizes crimes among the youths.

A morally upright society is a collective responsibility, everyone should participate. Teenagers and youths are more likely influenced by their peers. So they end up giving in to these undue pressures and eventually commit a crime. Therefore, every individual must play the role of shaping our societies.

Knowledge is power; education equips us with an understanding of the consequences of our actions. A learned individual is less likely to execute a felony since he understands the negative effects of executing atrocities. For this reason, the lack of education can greatly contribute to crimes.

The cultural setting has also played a big role in crimes. While some individuals seek identity, they are forced to commit a crime. As a result, they instill fear on the community and more than once, they have it their way. This gives them a sense of power and control over a number of undertakings in the community. Hence, a poor cultural setting contributes to crime.

Tough economic times can influence an individual to perpetrate a crime. We all need basic commodities like food, shelter, and clothing. When these needs are out of each, we become so frustrated. Some individuals go out of the way and do anything within their power to satisfy these needs including executing an atrocity. Thus, economic factors can influence a felony.In conclusion, social, cultural and economic factors can either contribute or control atrocities. Everyone should play his role to ensure the level of felony is curbed.

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