5 Ways A Consumer Protection Lawyer Can Help You

5 Ways A Consumer Protection Lawyer Can Help You

There are several types of lawyers, such as criminal and family lawyers, but these aren’t the only types. There are other lawyers out there who do other things to protect you, and a consumer protection lawyer is one of them. Consumer protection lawyers ensure your interests are protected if you file a complaint against a company.

What Is Consumer Law?

According to Attorney Referral Service, consumer law is the regulation in place to provide consumer protection. When you buy goods and services, there are laws in place to protect you from dishonest tactics, such as false advertising, unsafe products, and unfair debt collection practices.

What Are the Common Legal Issues Consumers Face?

According to Legal Match, consumers face several potential legal issues, and hiring a consumer protection lawyer can help solve the problem while helping you get the compensation you deserve.

  1. False advertising: False advertising is a deceptive business practice, and it is illegal. Businesses are required to advertise the truth and nothing more under the law. If you purchase something because of promises the company made or based on what the company claims their product can do, and it fails, it is considered false advertising.

    According to Justia, the Lanham Act allows civil lawsuits for false advertising that misrepresents goods and services. In addition, the Federal Trade Commission enforces false advertising laws on your behalf. If you are a victim of false advertising, the law is on your side, and a consumer protection lawyer can help.

  2. Consumer Fraud: Consumer fraud is illegal, and there are several forms of consumer fraud. It is considered consumer fraud if a seller doesn’t provide adequate merchandise, such as a car dealer selling you a lemon. The same is true if merchandise is sent to you that you didn’t ask for and then expecting you to pay for it or deal with problems with your credit rating. If you get a letter or call saying you won a sweepstake or lottery, charging you a fee to get the prize is illegal. Finally, if you donate to a charity claiming to be working for a good cause and you find out they aren’t using the money on the things they claim, it is consumer fraud. These issues require a call to a consumer protection lawyer, so your rights will be protected.
  3. Product Defects: When you purchase something, you expect it to do what the company claims it can. Selling defective products breaks consumer law, and you will need a consumer protection lawyer. Several people can be held liable if you have a case, including the store where you purchased the product, the wholesaler, and the manufacturer.
  4. Personal Injuries Due To Dangerous or Defective Products: If you purchase a defective and dangerous product and you are injured, a consumer protection lawyer can help. They will go after anyone they find culpable for your injuries so that you can be compensated for your medical bills, lost wages, and physical and emotional pain and suffering. The company broke the law by selling you something defective or dangerous, and it shouldn’t be up to you to deal with the costs associated with your injury.
  5. Breach of Consumer Warranties: Many companies provide warranties on their products. If something happens, it is up to the company to repair or replace the item according to the warranty. If the company tries to get out of covering the cost to repair or replace the product even though your warranty is still valid, it is illegal under consumer protection laws.

    A consumer protection lawyer can go after the company, forcing them to uphold the warranty, preventing you from having to pay for anything out of pocket.

If you feel your rights as a consumer have been violated, a consumer protection lawyer will work to ensure your rights are enforced.

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