Accident Law: What To Do If You Are Injured in a Car Accident

Accident Law: What To Do If You Are Injured in a Car Accident

When an accident occurs, the moments can leave you confused. However, if you are still conscious, you can take the necessary measures to ensure that your insurance companies compensate you. Ensure to have a clear report on precisely what led to the accident and avoid talking to any insurance company about the accident. Here are some of the most crucial steps you should take if injured in a car accident.

Make A Police Statement

If you are not sure of the location of a nearby police station, make a call and report the matter to the police. The purpose of the law officers is to interview the third party and the members involved in an accident. The police also inspect the nature and extent of the damage caused to the innocent driver. They also evaluate the driver at fault and some of the reasons that could have caused recklessness. Such reasons will help you with your case if the matter is taken to court. If the driver at fault is persuading you not to call the police, refuse. If you are injured and need treatment, the insurance company will not compensate for your medical bills.

Record A Witness Statement

At times, the police may take a long time before arriving at the accident scene. If you can talk to a witness, take a video of their conversation or a recorded voice. You can also ask for their contact if you need them later to testify.

Call Your Lawyer

After you have called the police and have at least one witness, contact a professional Rancho Cucamonga car accident lawyer for more advice and proper representation. You can explain everything over the phone to your attorney, and they can give you proper guidance on how to proceed. Your lawyer is the only person you talk to. Avoid talking to any insurance, your own or the other party’s insurance. Insurance companies will try to get information to compensate you less.

Ensure You Go To The Hospital

After the police are done with the preliminary investigation, visit a hospital immediately. If you feel less pain, do not ignore it because it may become serious later, and no insurance company will agree to compensate. You will also need to recover before you are compensated; therefore, recovery is your prime goal after an accident. Also, they need the doctor’s injury details for medical insurance to pay medical bills. Therefore, ensure you give a complete description of how you feel. Also, request extensive medical evaluation such as x-rays, scans, and MRI to confirm nothing is overlooked. The immediate medication shows that your injuries are due to the accident and not any other cause.

Record Events

A diary will help you remember events and the order in which they happened. If the insurance company is trying to make you deviate from your story, you have your facts laid well.

Have Patience

After an accident, injuries may cause extensive damage to your body. Give yourself significant time to heal. Have your lawyer deal with everything as you concentrate on recovering. The compensation process may also take longer if it involves several parties. Focus on other stuff as you wait for the case to unfold to the end.

If you are injured in an accident, ensure to seek medical attention as soon as possible, call the police for an investigation, and make your statement. Also, have a recorded account of a first-hand witness if the police arrive at the scene. Ensure not to talk to any insurance company at the scene and talk to your lawyer when the accident happens.

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