Is Your Witness Stand Ready? Be Sure To Do These 3 Things

Is Your Witness Stand Ready? Be Sure To Do These 3 Things

You may have found a phenomenal witness to support your case, but is this person ready to take the stand? Not all professionals know how to relate to people, which is a significant component of winning in court. The jurors must understand and connect to a professional to accept and trust the information.

Therefore, during your preparation time, be sure to work with your experts to get them ready to provide solid evidence and precise, relatable delivery.

1. Be Sure To Find Common Ground

Medical and expert witness banking professionals lend a tremendous amount of authority to a case, reviewing evidence that may not be easy to understand for everyone. They become extremely valuable in cases that rely on an interpretation of reports or injuries.

Their clinical assessments could validate your theory, but the presentation could be dismissed relatively quickly if the jury doesn’t grasp the concept because it’s too technical. Practice talking in everyday language so that anyone sitting in the court may understand the explanation.

2. Emphasize Current Credentials

Are your specialists still leading the field? Up-to-date work, field studies or certifications indicate continued growth and prominence. These qualities elevate the amount of respect jury members could give to the presentation.

Introduce the professional’s credentials early on in the questioning, pointing out a continued history of dedication and dominance within the area discussed.

3. Be Clear About Your Needs and Theory

Witnesses are pivotal, capturing a concept that you want the jury to believe and accept. When working with experts, be upfront about your legal stance and what role this witness should serve. In addition, clarify how the opposition could attack the theory, allowing the specialist to be prepared for cross-examination.
Be prepared, and have your expert witnesses ready. These professionals could connect more to the jury and elaborate on how the evidence fits your theory with the proper preparation.

About the Author: Bill K. Pasko

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