Jobs With Most Worker’s Comp Claims

Jobs With Most Worker's Comp Claims

While physical activity at a job can help keep you in shape, some physical jobs can be dangerous. Due to accidents, some jobs have a high number of Workers Comp claims. As a result, workers in certain fields may contact a workmans comp attorney at some point in their career.


Working on a farm is back-breaking work from sun up to sundown. Farmers often have to operate heavy or dangerous equipment like tractors. Falling in front of a moving tractor can result in serious injury or death. If a large animal like a horse or bull gets out of control, it can put someone on the farm in danger. An angry horse can kick a human to death with its hind legs.


Construction workers deal with heavy tools, toxic fumes and must lift heavy objects like planks of wood, or steal. Inhaling toxic gases can damage the lungs. When working on high buildings, construction workers must deal with dangerous elevated heights and falls can be frequent. Workers may deal with dangerous liquids like wet cement or melted steel. Construction workers can easily overexert themselves and suffer from heatstroke while working outside on a hot day. Electrocution is also a cause of injury – this can cause nerve damage.

Security Guards

The nature of a security guard’s job keeps them in harm’s way. A guard may carry a gun or be the first line of defense in case of a robbery. A guard can get injured by being assaulted by a criminal or by chasing someone down. Another common injury in this profession is slipping and falls on wet floors. A bad slip can often cause a back injury.


Truck drivers must drive their trucks a long distance. Road accidents while conducting business driving are one of the main causes of injury in this field.

Flight Engineers

Flight engineers must lift heavy bags all day. They may sprain or pull a muscle. If a heavy object falls on them, it can also result in injury. You can suffer a traumatic head injury or broken bones if you are in the line of a falling object.


Installing a roof means dealing with heights. It is very easy to slip and fall off of a roof. A fall from that height can easily result in broken bones or worse.

Electrical Powerline Installers

This job involves two major issues. First, working that close to a power line makes it easy to get shocked or electrocuted. Powerline installers also work from extreme heights and often deal with falls or slips. Being that close to a power line also places one close to a potential fire hazard if lines are down. Electrocution can cause nerve damage, burns, or cardiac arrest.

Healthcare Workers

A healthcare worker may deal with strains and back injuries from activities like lifting patients into and out of. Some patients are violent and may cause bodily harm. Being in such an environment makes them susceptible to viral illness and bacteria exposure. Sometimes, they may suffer from extreme mental and emotional stress.

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