Switching to Service, What Law Firms Can Do To Make Their Clients Happier

Switching to Service, What Law Firms Can Do To Make Their Clients Happier

The world of law is more competitive than it has ever been before and this is why so many great law firms are looking to really focus on the service that they offer their clients. Some firms have been doing this for a number of years of course, and firms like injury attorneys Philips Law Group are renowned for their high quality client service. For some other firms however they have a lot of catching up to do and these are some ways in which they can boost the quality of the service which they are able to offer their clients. 

Communicating With The Clients 

One of the most common reasons why clients leave negative reviews about the service which they have been offered by law firms is that they haven’t been communicated to properly. There are a number of reasons why this happens of course, in some cases lawyers simply don’t think that it is necessary to explain the inner workings of the case to the client. It is important to remember however that clients are always keen to know what is going on and they need as much communication as possible. 

Home Visit 

Something as simple as sending the lawyers out to a client’s home instead of asking them to come into the office is a great way to make them feel well treated. This costs the firm nothing in terms of time or money, and the difference it makes to the client is huge. This is an act which more firms should be looking to do. 

First Contact 

In 90% of cases, clients who are making their first contact with a firm do not get to speak with a trained lawyer. This is an absurd statistic which more law firms should be focused on if they want to improve their client service. After all our clients contact us so that they can speak with a lawyer, not their secretary. This is also something which is very easy to change and which can make a huge difference in the case of our clients. 

Showing an Interest 

Most lawyers will only get in touch with their clients when there is some movement in the case or if they need more information. We need to change this approach to clients however and instead look to get in touch with them to find out how they are doing and if they need any kind of support. This is all about changing the culture of client care and making sure that lawyers are actively seeking to keep their clients happy. A phone call costs nothing and it is going to make a massive difference in the opinions of our clients. Making a client feel important is exactly what client service is all about, and all it takes is a phone call. 

These are just some of the ways that law firms can address their issues around customer service.

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