The Reasons Behind Divorces

The Reasons Behind Divorces

Mental health is a topic largely discussed in today’s world. Most marriages end because of mental issues that spouses are unable to speak about. Divorce proceedings are not always ugly; mediators help in the divorce procedure. An example is mediation divorce in Boulder. More than 40% of first marriages and 60% of second marriages end in divorce, and women mostly initiate divorce for one reason or another. Educated women have a rating of 90% for filing for a divorce.

Some of the reasons why women initiate most divorces are:

  • Women have less tolerance for unacceptable behavior such as insults and violence. The modern woman is evolving to know she deserves better treatment from her husband.
  • Women file for divorce when they feel they have no emotional support from their husbands. Women take the emotional burden. Men should be taught how to process their emotions and communicate with their partners.
  • Slow growth. Marriages tend to slow down the career growth of women in many families. The support of husbands is important for the success of a marriage. Women who are unsupported in their careers will file for a divorce as they feel marriages do not align with their interests.

Men are not to blame fully for marriage predicaments. Men are individuals who need to pursue dreams. The world today is empowering the girl child, and the boy child is forgotten. Gender equality has resulted in women taking up spaces that men previously occupied. Fields like engineering, medicine, and oil and gas have executive heads that are women. Marriage in the last century was more functional. Today, marriage is considered for companionship and self-fulfillment.

Domestic roles are being exchanged, especially in households where women earn more than men. Moreover, men are left with the responsibility of taking care of the house and children. The undermining of the man’s role as the head of the house has resulted in divorces. Sometimes the priorities of women lie elsewhere in marriage. Divorced women tend to have a lower income by 9%, and men tend to have a higher income by 25% in the next few years.

Divorce is necessary. It does not bless the man and curse the woman. Men are more likely to accept commitments today than women in the same age bracket. Other reasons why divorce occurs are:


Before marriage, both partners should discuss money in-depth and in full transparency. Money topics are sensitive, especially if one fears full disclosure will lead to more responsibilities.

Lack of intimacy

Physical and emotional intimacy is essential in marriage. Spouses should ensure they maintain an emotional connection. Childbearing and loss of work or loved one may result in one partner being detached. However, there should be sympathy with each other for the marriage to last.


Cheating is a form of betrayal that many people don’t forgive. Stepping out of marriage for whatever reason can lead to a divorce. Another form of cheating is through emotions, confiding with another person who is not your partner, on insensitive and major topics.

Substance abuse

Another divorce is dependence on the substance and drug abuse. Substance dependence endangers the family as priorities change. The dependent partner may misuse money or waste time meant for the family.

Marriage is built on commitment, apart from religious and cultural settings that allow marriage to more than one wife. Infidelity is thus the most common reason why people file for divorce. Most of these reasons apply to different gender and same-gender marriages. Hypergamy and hypogamy have resulted in more marriages working out because of the benefits accrued. Thanks to therapy and counseling, many marriages have survived the test of time.

About the Author: Bill K. Pasko

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