What Is the Difference Between Litigation and Mediation?

What Is the Difference Between Litigation and Mediation?

Are you struggling with a legal issue right now? Do you want to resolve the conflict without spending a ton of time in court? If so, you may want to weigh the differences between litigation and mediation services. While both services could bring resolution, one leads to the courtroom and the other allows an independent evaluator to determine the end result.

What Is Litigation?

Litigation is the act of filing a lawsuit against someone. While the suit may not end up in front of a judge, it does require following a formal legal process. Lawyers work back and forth, documenting demands and arranging meetings or arbitration. If something cannot be worked out between the parties, then it goes before justice.

At this point, ligation moves to put forth evidence and witnesses to validate the claims. It takes time and money and certainly could elongate the proceedings.

What Is Mediation?

When you work with a mediation lawyer New York, you remain open to a different approach, and that includes choosing to bypass court. This service occurs with all parties gathering together in the hopes of coming to a conclusion using a neutral person to assist in the discussion. This person listens to both sides, asks questions and encourages the two sides to work together to form a resolution.

Some tasks include helping people see the other perspective. The mediator guides but does not decide on the final terms. This professional’s job is to act as a go-between for individuals to reflect and worth of things without hostility or ill will.

If you are struggling with something and need to seek legal help, discuss your concern with a legal team that specializes in that field. Then, ask about the different options and approaches you could take. Litigation and mediation are both possible. Discuss which one would work best for you.

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