When to hire an auto accident attorney

When to hire an auto accident attorney

It is not always necessary to hire legal representation in the aftermath of a car accident in many states. Nevertheless, if you find yourself in any of the scenarios below, hiring an experienced injury attorney like a car accident attorney Seattle-based, is ideal.

The other party blames you for the accident

Nobody wants to admit responsibility for an accident. Thus, if the other party blames you for the accident, you should engage a skilled auto accident lawyer as fast as possible to avoid being held liable for their damages.

An experienced car accident attorney will carry out a thorough investigation on the cause of the car accident to identify the at-fault party. If their investigation shows that the other driver is to blame, you can use the report as evidence in case of trial. If the inquiry finds you partially to blame, your lawyers will assist you in pursuing compensation under comparative negligence laws.

The collision involves more than two parties

Vehicular collisions involving multiple parties are often highly complex, and depending on the nature of the crush, you can end up with several lawsuits. Since dealing with multiple cases is a tall order for one individual, hiring an experienced attorney, such as a car accident attorney in Seattle, is advisable to help you.

You sustain life-changing injuries.

If the car accident caused a long-term health problem or a permanent injury, hiring an experienced auto accident lawyer is advisable.

The attorney will assist you in seeking compensation for:

  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of future earnings
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Emotional distress
  • Pain and suffering

Additionally, if the other driver acts maliciously, your attorney will assist you in fighting for exemplary damages.

The insurance adjusters deny your claim.

It is not unusual for insurance companies to deny car accident victims legitimate injury claims. The most common reasons for doing so include:

  • The policyholder makes a fraudulent claim
  • The policyholder failure to report the car accident injury on time
  • The policyholder exaggerates the injuries
  •  The policyholder failure to provide adequate evidence

Suppose your insurer denies your injury claim due to any of the reasons mentioned earlier. In that case, you should engage a skilled auto accident attorney to prevent your insurer from acting in bad faith.

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