When You Should Hire An Attorney

When You Should Hire An Attorney

It seems like there is a lawyer for everything in today’s society, but you may not have ever had the need to hire an attorney for yourself. You may think that the only time you need to hire a lawyer is when you are facing criminal charges or need a divorce, but there are other times when it is helpful to have legal counsel and assistance.

You Face Jail Time

No matter what crime you are accused of and whether you committed the crime or not, you should have legal counsel. For example, you may even seek legal help for minor traffic violations, but you should definitely seek help when you face domestic violence, tax fraud, theft or other charges. In these cases, you may search for a local attorney, e.g., “lawyers Ashburn VA,” and find one to be your advocate and walk you through the legal process you face.

You Have Been Injured

Whether you were injured in a car accident, at work or on someone else’s property, you should consider getting help from an attorney. If you are injured because of the actions of someone else or in an accident, you may be eligible for monetary compensation. A good personal injury or workers compensation lawyer will tell you if you have a case and help you build it. Then, your attorney will fight for a settlement or judgment in your favor that will cover your medical and other expenses.

You Have a Complicated Family Matter

If you are seeking a divorce or want to adopt a child, for example, you may seek the help of a family law attorney. A qualified lawyer will help you save money and ensure that the process goes smoothly. In the case of a divorce, these professionals can ensure an amicable settlement or fight for you to get the assets you deserve from the marriage. In other cases, such as adoption, you need an advocate who can tell the judge how great you are and how the child will benefit from being in your permanent care.

These are just a few instances when you may seek legal advice. However, if you ever feel as if you are in over your head legally, don’t hesitate to contact a qualified attorney.

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