Why Truck Accident Liability Can Be Complex

Why Truck Accident Liability Can Be Complex

For any personal injury lawyer which specializes in truck accidents, one of the most challenging aspects is working out liability. As you can well imagine, in just about any personal injury case, understanding who is liable forms the very basis for the building of the case. This is much more challenging when it comes to truck accidents than it would for car accidents, and this is what we are going to be looking into here. 

All told these are tough cases for lawyers, not only because proving liability is tough, but negotiating with the insurance companies is also incredibly challenging. It is up to the legal team to get to the bottom of who was liable, and here is why this is tricky. 

Multiple Options 

The main reason as to why this is so difficult is that there are multiple options as to who has caused the accident. This is the first place that lawyers will start, and it is challenging for them to get to the bottom of exactly who was liable. A perfect example here is if we look at tires causing the accident, which accounts for some 30% of all truck accidents. If a tire blows out then it could have been the fault of the driver, damaging the tire earlier on, the manufacturer who produced a faulty tire or the maintenance team at the trucking company who failed to spot the balding tire. 

This as you can see, makes the process so difficult for the lawyer, who has to work on a number of theories before arriving at the right result. 

Multiple Fronts

In many cases of accidents which involve a truck, we see that there are in fact more than one liable party. This again adds some level of difficulty to things for the lawyer, who now has to work with a number of parties in obtaining information and to open up negotiations. If we compare this with a car accident for example, lawyers in that case would have only one team to speak to, which would be the insurance company taking care of everything. This is not what happens in a truck accident case with more than one liable party however, which really makes it tougher for the lawyers to process the claim.

Slow Process

Another aspect of these cases which can really cause some problems is the fact that trucks so often arrive from other states. Even in this digital world, obtaining information or trying to speak with the trucking company is very difficult, and usually by design. Additionally there are some state regulations which lawyers may have to take into account, and all of this can be really time consuming for the legal team. 

As you can see, when it comes to truck accident law things are very rarely easy, and there are so many challenges around liability which the lawyers have to deal with. This is exactly why any victims of such an accident should look to use a specialist lawyer.

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