Why Truck Cameras Are a Godsend For Attorneys

Why Truck Cameras Are a Godsend For Attorneys

Truck accident lawyers have one of the toughest jobs in the business with regards to trying to identify liability after an accident. The reason for this is that there are so many potential candidates when it comes to proving blame. It could be the fault of the truck driver, a car driver, the manufacturer, the team which loaded the cargo or even the team responsible for maintenance of the vehicle. Emerging technology is greatly helping to reduce the number of accidents on the road and ensure that trucks are safer than ever. One particular aspect of technology is the use of cameras in the cab, around the vehicle, in the trailer and on the dash. 

Not only are these cameras helping trucking companies, they are also a Godsend for attorneys, and here is exactly why. 

Instant Appraisal 

If a driver has been at fault, be it of the truck or another motor vehicle, these cameras are going to be able to give an instant idea as to who it was. This is not to say that a case is open and shut because of the cameras, but there is so much that they can eradicate in terms of potential reasons. This helps the attorneys to speed up the case and focus on exactly where the blame may lie, through removing many options. 

Accurate Reporting 

Whilst eye witnesses can help to build a case, they are often deemed as very unreliable. This is through no fault of their own, it is human nature to distort some memories which we have. What the cameras on the truck will do is to either corroborate the information which witnesses have left, or completely contest it. This again helps attorneys to focus on a small window when it comes to finding out exactly what has happened. 

Cargo Issues

Historically it was difficult to prove whether or not the loading of the cargo played a role in the accident which took place, especially if it left behind a real mess. Through the use of cameras in the trailer however, attorneys can see exactly whether or not this was the issue. Cargo can be seen to be loose or poorly loaded, in the footage prior to the accident. This is a great tool to help attorneys find out exactly what happened in the minutes ahead of the accident taking place. 

Maintenance Issues

Many truck accidents are caused as a result of a poorly maintained vehicle, which is against the law. What many don’t realize however is that the cameras on the truck are operational at all times, including when the vehicle is maintained. Whilst it may not give a 100% accurate depiction of how the vehicle was maintained, this footage can provide clues to attorneys as to any areas of the truck which may have been missed. 

These are just some of the ways that using cameras on a truck can help attorneys when they are building their case.

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